Resistance Is Futile!

This morning I discovered ‘Uphill Rolling’. Out on my mountain bike with the dog I was working on my Koan when all effort suddenly left my body and I was rolling up the hill. Free of tension, my performance increased. I was in the zone.

Koans are just questions asked over and over. At first the mind chucks up loads of answers, but eventually it gives up and you start feeling a response. My question is ‘Who Am I?’ You ask it continually until non-separation with everyone and everything is reached. Then you keep asking some more to stay in the moment.

Out in Quarry Wood I had a feeling of connection with trees, birds, nettles and crap on the ground. At Claire Hill I started flowing with and over the ground;  like the ground and I were moving together. The secret here is tension only exists between separate things resisting each other. When everything is one, or if you prefer when you’re in the zone, there’s no tension and you’re free to perform.

Don’t believe me? Then check out Bruce Lee in an old TV series…

One thought on “Resistance Is Futile!

  1. I can highly recommend Jon’s teaching
    I found his approach calming
    the exercise has left a very positive impression
    which particularly helps when I am writing

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