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10 Week Practical Zen Course

Improve your life with techniques dating back over a thousand years. This live and online 10-week Zen meditation course for health and wellbeing gives you the tools to deal with stress, anxiety and depression. Train to be more connected and mindful in every moment, enjoy better relationships, become more creative and productive and increase your happiness.

Zenways Training is accredited by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association. The course is part of an Oxford University research project and recognised by the Independent Yoga Network and the College of Mindful Clinicians. It’s suitable for beginners and those wanting to solidify a practice.


Each online class is 90 minutes and includes 30 mins guided meditation. Log-in via Zoom with a laptop, tablet or phone. Students commit to a further 25 minutes practice each day using recordings provided. Techniques build and develop each week to give you a strong background in Zen and a range of mindfulness tools.


Body scans
Counting & following breath
Walking meditation
Hara breathing
Open presence

ZenYo students enjoy an online session

Learn live online in small groups


Types of meditation & benefits
Understanding and handling stress
Meditation for physical & emotional pain
Flow States & effective use of time
Remaining in the moment & accepting change
Improving relationships, empathy & gratitude
Elevated functioning

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Download videos and weekly presentations

Costs & Benefits

Life-time access to guided meditation recordings, class presentations and catch-up videos are all provided in the course cost of just £200. There’s nothing else to pay.

You’ll also be invited to join our ZenYo Sangha, where you can continue to develop your meditation practice, get help and advice and deepen your meditation practice.

Free Recording

If you’d like to try a Zen meditation technique before committing to the course, below is a 10 minute version of the body scan we explore in the first class. You can also find a range of my meditations on InsightTimer.

Beginners Mind: Intro To Zen

A single session introduction to Zen meditation basics. Learn where Zen comes from, how to start a practice and how to build a lasting habit, using up-to-the-minute techniques. The 90 minute, live session includes guided meditation and the cost of £15 can be discounted from the 10 week Practical Zen course if you decide to takes things further. If you’re interested, get in touch to find out about dates and availability. Spaces are limited, so early booking is recommended.

Advanced Zen Insight Course

This course aims to provide a deeper understanding of mindfulness and meditation. We explore a number of insight meditation techniques such as Koans, whilst looking into where the practices originate and the theories behind them.

In addition to traditional Zen teachings, the course introduces energetic grounding principles and delves deeper into the Taoist roots of Zen. Each class includes a meditation and QiGong sequence. It’s based on a syllabus developed by Zen Master Daizan Skinner. This course is open to anyone who already taken the 10 week Parctical Zen course or those with at least 6 months meditation practice experience. Please get in touch for full details and availability.


Mindfulness of breath

8 Silk Brocades

Fusho unborn mind

Nanso No Ho soft ointment healing

Building the hara

Naikan & Naitan Energy Cultivation

‘Who Am I’ Koan


Zen, Chan, Daoism & QiGong

Rinzai Masters Hakuin and Bankei

Combining Naikan and Raikan

Tanden, Hara and Qi

Looking Within & Kenso

Non-dualism & Koans

Stages of insight


After the first lesson I felt a real benefit from the practice and that was due to the insightful and calming delivery from Jon. I am about to complete my 70th consecutive day of meditation and can truly say it has given me a new outlook. I can highly recommend meditation and ZenYo.


“I loved the more ‘Zen’ approach, and feel energised and relaxed when I have finished. Jon, who runs the class manages to add in exercises to help my back and seems to be helping lots of other regulars too. BRILLIANT!”



I started seeing results almost immediately, and would recommend the course to anyone who wishes to change their lives for the better. It’s structured to create an easy and gradual introduction into the techniques of meditation, the science behind it and the benefits it can bring. All the resources, guided meditations and support are excellent and invaluable tools to get you into it, and keep you motivated.


The course has given me further insight and a deeper sense of practice. Jon’s warm and relaxed approach made the experience more than just learning a technique, I gained a tool for life.


“I highly recommend ZenYo. Sessions are friendly and relaxed and easy to follow. Routines vary from week to week to focus on different areas and Jon includes lots of interesting info. I really look forward to every session”