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Welcome to ZenYo. I offer Zen, Yoga and QiGong classes for relaxed, open awareness of life. Exercises and meditation techniques deliver practical results. In short you’ll de-stress, focus and feel energised.

In addition to weekly classes I offer a selection of online meditation courses. Content and techniques have been passed down by my Zen master Daizan. Courses are recognised by the Independent Yoga Network and the College of Mindful Clinicians.

Photo of ZenYo Teacher Jon Murphy
ZenYo teacher Jonathan Murphy
International Mindfulness Twachers Association Badge
Certified Professional Mindulness Teacher

I’ve achieved professional level Mindfulness Teacher certification with the International Mindfulness Teachers Association. You can find me registered in their directory by clicking their logo.

I’m also a qualified Yoga Nidra, or ‘yogic sleep’ teacher. I hold regular sessions to relax, connect and help with issues such as lack of energy. I trained in this method to surf the subconscious with the iRest Institute, founded by Richard Miller.

My goal is to help everyone discover happiness with their present moment reality. There’s nothing religious or fanciful in what I teach. That’s to say modern research backs up all the methods I employ. All levels of experience are welcome, so please get in touch.

Studio and online classes are all small and tailored to positively impact on daily life. However, I also work in corporate settings, helping staff to unwind and bring clarity to their work.

ZenYo Workshops & Courses

An Easy Introduction To Meditation

Illustration of man meditating and floating

If you’re thinking of learning how to meditate, try this introduction series which I’ve designed for beginners. Over three weeks using these recordings you’ll learn foundational techniques to get your zen practice started. In short, this is the perfect first step on the journey of a lifetime. Cost is just £5.

“Content, explanations and practice have and continue to have a real impact on the development and up keep of my personal well-being in day to day life.”

Giorgia Delorenzi

Practical Zen

Relaxed studio office with ZenYo online course on mac screen

Learn the art of Zen meditation to connect more deeply with life. Reduce stress and anxiety. Manage physical and emotional pain. Realise your full potential. I run live online group courses over 10 weeks. No experience required for life-changing results. The full course costs just £200 and includes all materials and follow-up videos and meditation recordings.

“Just about to finish a 10 week meditation course with ZenYo and can truly say it has given me a new outlook” Paul Platel

Advanced Zen


If you’re already familiar with Zen and have established a daily practice, take things deeper with this insight meditation course. Over 10 weeks we explore more advanced techniques such as Fusho (unborn mind), Koans and energy intention. If you’re feeling you need more challenge or want to investigate concepts such as non-duality and empty self, this course if for you.

“Grounded, relaxing, insightful and above all a very transformational path that leaves roots to continue growing and developing.”  Gabriela Garcia

One-to-one Sessions

ZenYo Classes



Flowing 60 minute drop-in QiGong classes for beginners and intermediates on Zoom. Additionally I supply free videos for participants looking for daily QiGong routines.

Thursdays: 7am
Sundays: 10am

Zenyo teacher Jon Murphy guides a meditation practice

The Live Studio

I’m delighted to be working with The Live Studio as their resident meditation instructor. I’ve recorded a selection of bespoke practices, which are available on their website. I also teach live QiGong classes.

Tuesdays: 8pm

ZenYo Workshops
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Some of my meditations and QiGong class recordings are also available for free through my YouTube channel. I hope you find them useful…


You can find a selection of my meditation recordings on the InsightTimer app. It’s free to use and highly recommended. Click on the image to find my official teacher profile…


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