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10 Week Course

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Improve your life with techniques dating back over a thousand years. This live and online 10-week Zen meditation course for health and wellbeing will give you the tools to deal with stress, anxiety and depression.

Train to be more connected and mindful in every moment, enjoy better relationships, become more creative and productive and increase your happiness.

Zenways Training is accredited by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association. The course is part of an Oxford University research project and recognised by the Independent Yoga Network and the College of Mindful Clinicians. It’s suitable for beginners and those wanting to solidify a practice.


Each online class is 90 minutes long and includes 30 mins of guided meditation. Log-in via Zoom with a laptop, tablet or phone. Students commit to a further 25 minutes practise each day using recordings provided. Techniques build and develop each week to give you a strong background in Zen and a range of mindfulness tools.


Body scans
Counting & following breath
Walking meditation
Hara breathing
Open presence

ZenYo students enjoy an online session

Learn live online in small groups


Types of meditation & benefits
Understanding and handling stress
Meditation for physical & emotional pain
Flow States & effective use of time
Remaining in the moment & accepting change
Improving relationships, empathy & gratitude
Elevated functioning

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Download videos and weekly presentations

Costs & Benefits

Life-time access to guided meditation recordings, class presentations and catch-up videos are all provided in the course cost of just £150. There’s nothing else to pay.

You’ll also be invited to join our ZenYo Sangha, where you can continue to develop your meditation practice, get help and advice and deepen your meditation practice.

Try Free

If you’d like to try a Zen meditation technique before committing to the course, below is a 10 minute version of the body scan we explore in the first class. You can also find a range of my meditations on InsightTimer.

I also run  a free introduction to meditation online on Monday evenings. Please get in touch to find out more…